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Who said opinions matter? 

Opinions are like, well never mind that. We have plenty of room for everyone. 

Do you lean left or do you lean right? Whatever it is, try not to tip over.

Instead of trying to drive between the lines on the road, everyone has jumped the curb and driving completely off the road. 

The only thing you are likely to find out there in the wilderness are the crazies. Republican or Democrats, it doesn't matter. 

Sanity has escaped some of those in both parties. Common sense is now uncommon.

Agree with me or not. It doesn't matter. Educate yourself from more than one source of information.

Try turning the TV off and reading from many sources. If you just gotta' watch TV, try a good western movie. Tombstone.

Jack L. Wilson

Be The Boss!
Vote Vote 

"Things You Just Can't Make Up"

Politicians spend their day talking to each other about their idea of improving our lives? Really? I look at my I Phone dozens of times a day, because I can't live without it. And I have not had one call from any politician asking my opinion. Not from a state or national  politician. They get their ideas from special interest groups. That would be lobbyists or from fringe groups.

So who wants to sit around and let these people push us around? 

Join me and my friend exposing some of the most stupendously stupid people on our planet.

Their feet don't reach the pedals, but they want to drive. 

Jerry Mahoney 

Razzberries for today
Razzberries for today
TMI?...... What's TMI?

Read Dennis Farrells Article Now!

TMI. Lately, there is a lot of it going around. 

As a matter of fact, it has been getting worse for the last 20 years.

It started off small and incrementally. So small it seemed harmless.

A little bit here and a little bit there. What was the harm?

We all needed some. Just enough so we wouldn't be looked down upon.

After all, everyone seemed to be doing it.

Dennis Farrell 

Donald Trump says violence is not impossible, if he loses election.

Incredible as it may seem, he is at it again. Trump is preparing his base for the possibility of his defeat in the fall election.

If the playbook works once, do it again.

Despots and dictators use this effectively again and again. 

I am sitting at my desk trying to not think about this guy.

I cannot do it.

I have to know why people support such a person.

Someone help me understand.

Read my next article and leave a comment to help me.

Jack Wilson 


AI yi-yi-yi-yi-yi you're killing me!

Jack Wilson has had recent experiences with AI and you probably have to.

Read about one of his experiences and the contribution it has made to Jack being follicly challenged.

Good or bad, obviously it's here to stay and you are going to live with it. Maybe its not so bad? WRONG! It is bad.

It will take a generation to mold the minds of the population and then all will be well.

But most of us will be gone and just a memory to the frustrations perpetuated by the development of AI yi-yi-yi-yi.

Read Jack's Article this week. 


Something Is Really Wrong In America

Don't believe me? How is it possible that a man who has been impeached twice and facing facing 88 felony charges across 4 criminal cases can be leading as a presidential candidate. How is it possible that he has the support of leading Senators from his own party? Has anyone been listening to his promises? Maybe you don't like Joe Biden. That's OK. But do people really believe that things will be better under the thumb of a demagogue? I am becoming at a loss for words or understanding, but I will remain positive. It's not too late.

Is this the best we can do in this country? Out of 334,233,854 people at last count in the United States, because people can't seem to stop making more people, this what we will elect to represent us? Do people think this is some kind of joke? Do you think this is a game and if we don't want to play anymore, we can pick up our toys and go home?

The decisions these selfish, power hungry narcissistic empty heads are making are permanent. 

The decisions they are making are not for anyone in the middle class and have not been for years.  Just like climate change, our so-called democracy is on the precipice.

Why do you think arrogant megalomaniacs like Donald Trump are trying to seize power? Because for the first time in our history, they can see that it is really a possibility. 

They know that the possibility actually exists now for a fascist government. It is not just Trump. It is all of the little minions that have crept into the government behind him. Voted in by uninformed voters that are the result of the dumbing down of America. Think it's crazy? Well, so do I, but it is happening.

Jerry Mahoney


Playbooks are not just for football.

Read Jack Wilson's next article on political playbooks.

The old playbooks from the 30's and 40's are back in favor and Trump is using them to great effect.

Why are despots, dictators and demagogues so popular?

Jack writes about it this week. 


Are Expatriates A Myth? Are People Really Leaving The US?

We all have heard the stories of people who drop everything and move to another country.

Is it fact or fiction? Are these just stories to fill air time for people who have wanderlust to listen to.?

No. It is true. For many reasons there is an increase in the numbers of people who are leaving the US.

Some, in smaller numbers are making the exit on a permanent basis.

Others are leaving on a try it and see if we like it move.

But there is no question, generations are on the move. Why?


Jack Wilson 


Will Democracy be like the Buffalo? GONE!

Autocracy is on the rise around the world and is gaining in popularity and support.
If you think that is not serious, then you did not learn anything in history class.
Authoritarians can go no where without the support of the people who are following them.
Ask the people who lived under communism if they want to do that again?
Ask the people who lived in Germany in the 1940's how that worked out for them?
I could go on and on and on. The one defining factor with all autocracies is that ultimately it leads to failure.
But the aftermath is a society left broke and broken. For a few short years of supreme power, these megalomaniac's sacrifice everyone and everything to feed their ego and delusions. Yes. They are sick fucks.

Why would anyone support a Donald Trump? Has this sick selfish grifter done anything for you? Impossible.
He has never done anything for anyone but himself. Who would want to trust their life or life savings to him?
If you say yes, you need to examine your life. 

Jack Wilson 


Route 66, Central Avenue Albuquerque NM sucks and nobody cares!

Albuquerque has taken an historic landmark and thruway and destroyed it and many business owners in the process.

Read Dennis Farrells upcoming article on what happened or more accurately why did it happen?

Who's pockets were lined in the process while the taxpayers were fleeced.

Watch for Jack Wilson's podcast on the disaster on Central Avenue. 

Stand with Ukraine

Let's not go to sleep on Ukraine

Putin is hoping he can wear the resolve of the supporters of Ukraine down with time.
He is counting on it. He is using his own people as cannon fodder to win the war of attrition.

We cannot let him win this war of wills. You say you don't live in Europe. Well, aren't you lucky. 

What's going on with the cannabis business in New Mexico?

The state is trying to be a partner in the new and emerging cannabis business and they are destroying it in the process. Outrageous taxes and penalties along with a complete market saturation of cannabis dispensaries are going to push these businesses over the cliff. Most of these businesses are financed by families who saw an opportunity for an investment in their future and New Mexico saw it as a cash cow for revenue. 
New Mexico Taxation and Revenue Department is not interested in the prospect of people getting high. They are interested in "Hang 'em High" with taxes approaching 40% of gross sales. 
Do the consumers realize that along with the sales tax they are paying, the business owner is being gigged a 12% excise tax? Do people even know what an excise tax is? Probably not. But that that is being passed on to you. Does anybody care? I CAN'T HEAR YOU! New Mexico. I CAN'T HEAR YOU!
Other states should be watching and learning. 
I'll have more to say about this.

And that's the fact! Jack!
Jack Wilson 

Instant Karma

Remember when you ripped off all of those contractors who helped you build your business, and forced many of them into bankruptcy by not paying your bills and keeping them in court and litigation for years? 

Your day is here Mr. Trump. The sad thing is, you are still a grifter. You are ripping off your followers to pay your legal fees totaling millions.

Some people never change.

"That's The Fact Jack!"

Instant Karma Shame 

This is not a news site. There are more than enough of those. But we do have some daily news. This a blog, our blog, your blog with our opinions and your opinions.
Have something to say? Then say it! Somebody needs to start saying. The crazies are telling suggestive people what to think.
And it's working. You'll see that we don't agree with everybody all the time. But we definitely do not agree with right wing mugsters
Join us. It's election time again. We get another chance.

DAILYrazz has been away for awhile. Our staff needed a break and we thought things may be going in a positive direction.

We thought again and we brought everyone back for more fight.

While we are back at work rebuilding the site, feel free to look at some of the old articles and be ready for more

Want to contribute? That would be great!

The Staff 

What is the problem with American Politics ?

It has become more divided than before and that is saying something.

Everyone wants to have it their way. 

Everyone is dug in and is going to force their way on all others.

Democracy has always been a battle of wills, but there have always been resolutions through negotiating a solution. One day you get your way and one day I get my way.

Everyone meets in the middle. Wrong!

Now, outside influences are interfering and ramping up hate the hate of one for the other,

Jack L. Wilson

Joe Biden
Donald Trump 

Real Drama 



Ahhh yes, opinions

You better have one. And I don't mean the opinion of some shit for brains on one of the television programs.

All, and I mean all the networks have an agenda and the only way it involves you is how long they can keep your eye balls glued to their channel and translate those peepers into ratings numbers for advertiser dollars.

They are in the business of making money and if a sponsor doesn't like what they say, it will get changed just that quick.

Most of us want to be altruistic by nature, but after 10 minutes of watching any of the opinion networks, you are more inclined to not give a fuck what happens to anybody. That is sad. So I say to you. get a life and get involved.

Have you noticed I do not call them news programs? That's because the only news is you are pathetic if you waste any time listening and watching those empty suits. Talk to others even if they do not share your opinion.


You may learn something new. Share your thoughts with others. Hell, they may learn something from you. 

I have more to say,

Jack Wison

Counter Culture

The Real "Counter Culture" by Jack Wilson 

Donald Trump was gaslighting America for 4 years and countless more before that. He and his sycophants are still doing it. It's part of his  character, his personality, his being. He was taught it was the way to success when success was not even a remote possibility. Now we have the original best dressed man Jim Jordon of Ohio finding another way to dispose of time without working.

Now the gaslighting is coming from both sides of the political isle. Too much of the political talk is out there for public consumption and not enough is going on between the parties in discussion and negotiation. Everything is in play for media consumption and ratings popularity. Some things need to be agreed to, even if they are not popular.

That is called negotiating to find a result that is good for all. It's always a crisis with these guys. And I include Democrats.

To all the politicians. Take your foot off the gas!

Jack Wilson 


Fuh Fuh Fuh Fuh 

Too sexy for my shirt

I'm too sexy for my shirt.

Is Tech hurting business?

Are businesses trying to adopt too much new technology? Is it hurting the consumer process?

Is new technology for all businesses or should some businesses leave things the way they are?

Self serve kiosks are putting you to work. Are you receiving any of the benefits of being employed by the company?

Or, is the service deteriorating and you are supposed to accept the fact that they have fewer employees?

I'll tell you what I think. I think it sucks.

Mark Moore


Self Order Kiosks 

Edgycation works for everyone.......

I'm so so what am I?

C'mon you guys. Stop it.
You're fucking killing me!


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