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"Where Do We Get Such Men?"

A quote spoken rhetorically by Fredrick March in the 1954 film The Bridges at Toko-Ri after being told of the loss of one of his favorite pilots played by William Holden in a bombing sortie in Korea.

A moving image in the film that reflected his emotions to a heroic act of selflessness.

Where do we get such men? Or women? Those words can reflect the result of an altruistic action or they can reflect a question to a darker consequence. The darker effects seem to be more prevalent today.

Where do these people come from? They seem to have crawled out from under a rock and appeared before any indication of their ambitions are known. But that is not true. They were elected by us. They went the through the election process and were vetted before us in many ways. But still they made it through and unleashed their venomous attacks on our democracy.

I am not speaking only of the President of the United States. I am speaking about all the elected officials who are marching in lockstep behind him. We have to think that at one time these men and women had a real desire to do good. Has something in their mind changed to give them a different definition of good? It seems so. I want to think that I can look around and see good deeds and bad deeds and know the difference.

We all can say that robbing a bank is bad. But what if someone robs the bank and doesn't use a gun. They rob the bank because they need money for food for their family. How many different variations of robbing the bank do you need to finally get to, it's ok? It seems like some of our leaders moral compass's are spinning like dreidel's.

There has always been questionable characters getting to high levels of government. There will be again. But we have never come this close to making a mockery of our system and trying to purposely unravel it. A democracy is only as sound as the people willing to protect it. What has happened in the final days of this Presidents term is beyond being reasonable. An investigation of wrongdoings is not just acceptable, it is required. But when in short order any facts showing wrongdoing are not there, yet acceptance of results are kicked aside only shows the contempt they have for our system. It has crossed the line to a purposeful challenge to the rule of law in this country and has become criminal.

Where did we find this man?

He has been there all along. We have watched him on television showing us who he really was and is. He has not hidden. He is using the same behaviors that have served him for his entire life. This conduct has been learned and reinforced by his mentors. In his business world he used the sue them into submission tactic. He never admitted wrong and never gave in. Why would we think he would be any different.

Donald Trump is the answer to every wanna be thug. They aspire to be just like him. Donald Trump was going to show everyone how it's done. Only this time he could not sue them into submission. World leaders scoffed at him as the precocious little brat he is. But just as spoiled children act, Donald Trump has acted. His crazy behavior has been reinforced by the leaders we elected to have some measure of decency and common sense.

Where do we get such men? Or women?

As crazy as it sounds we elect them. Again and again and again. Now, it's time to turn the corner and prove to the 47% who supported this man that they are on the wrong path. Donald Trump and his kind do not have your interests at heart. They are living in the lap of luxury with benefits provided by special interests and lobbyists.

However, Donald Trumps punishment is on the way. He failed when he left his bubble of protection in New York that gave him anonymity and the world found out who he really is. He is a small time thug and bully who tried to play the world stage and got a wedgie for his efforts. But Donald Trump is so much into his character that even as he is being laughed off the stage he is trying be a bully. No, this time he has to answer for his actions.

We can never let Donald Trump up. He must be put on his horse backward and run out of town. We must follow him to make sure he never rises again, but more important is that the message is clear to anyone who thinks about trying the same thing, this is what will happen.

Where do we get such men? We make them.

Jack Wilson


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