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Where Have You Been? Rob!

Where have you been and where are you going? You do not have to run and hide. Why not say that you are standing for reelection and the purpose of it to bring some reason back to the party platform. That is if there is one. Does anybody actually know what the Republican Party platform is?

You are making the rounds of the opinion programs saying that the election was not rigged and that those claims are baseless and false. You should have been making those statements in November 2020 when they mattered most.

We understand what is happening with the Republican Party. Representatives and Senators who are still supporting or should we say propping up Trump are doing in because of fear. Fear of losing the power and the perquisites that accompany that status. You are so afraid that your constituency will kick you to the curb, your are not stopping to realize they could be wrong.

The founding fathers made Senators terms six years for a reason. They were also the aristocracy, educated, travelled and informed men of their time. They were supposed to be the deciders who were to use reason and not emotion in the process of governing the direction of this country for all of the people, not just a select few their vote as a threat and a weapon.

Your are supposed to, through debate and education, inform and educate your constituency and thereby reach bi partisan decisions on the direction of this country. You have forsaken your duty and left your power in the hands of those who have their own personal agendas with no interest in the good for all. You sir have become a very small man. You are not alone. There have been others before you that abandoned their responsibility. They are also beginning to make small forays back into the media.

I have been asking the question, who is running the Republican Party? Who are you people? Is your party in the hands of a megalomaniac with so many complexes that he could be his own gated community, or do you have what we would call real leaders who are unafraid. The votes be damned. I am not seeing them. There are a small handful that have tried to garner some measure of support. But you and the Cowardly Corp of Malingerers in the Republican Party have run to the anterooms of the Senate chamber in hiding.

Or, in the complete abstract, some have made their rounds on the opinion programs to make sure their voters see them standing their ground, even if the ground they are standing on is being desecrated by their very actions.

Senator Portman. You are showing yourself to be a privileged coward who has made his fortune, acquired his influence and position, and now it is time to get off the battlefield before having to fight in a hardscrabble election.

Trying to peddle your influence now while still hiding behind the refrain of shoulda', woulda', coulda', is so transparent that the studio engineers cannot help but roll their eyes when they are listening to you spew your talking points.

Senator. As they say. It's time to fish or cut bait.

Jack Wilson



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