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Trump is at it again. He will not rule out violence.

Donald Trump is at it again. He just cannot stop himself or more accurately he refuses to stop himself. Why would he want to when all of the rhetoric about the 2020 election being rigged and he just cannot be sure about the 2024 election not having issues. All of which feeds into the red meat feast his base is looking for to ramp up for November and the results of the 2024 election.

To throw more fuel on the tinder box, just to be sure it lights properly, he will not rule out the possibility of violence. This was said in an interview with Time Magazine. The whole thing makes my head want to explode. I watch every day as a former president is on the cusp of being a convicted felon not to mention it is just plain embarrassing. If this man was not such a success as probably the best grifter ever, what would he do? He has never been successful at anything except using the money of people who are giving or have given it to him for whatever reason I do not know.

To be clear, years ago I, like many people had a sort of admiration for this guy. These were the days of Larry King, when he couldn’t stay off the television and out of the news. I didn’t realize then that this was his weakness. He was self-indulging, narcissistic, But, that was before he was exposed by the vetting process while campaigning for president. Thank goodness for hard working journalists.

Now, Donald Trump is who he is. In my opinion he is a grifter who has ruined the lives and many businesses in the wake of his business dealings. I know some others have a differing opinion. This makes me wonder why they would want anyone with his history and now his present actions to be the chief executive of our country. What is the process of their decision making?

We have a two-party system. We need a two-party system. I know we can do better with both parties. How did we get to this low level of choices. How have we come to accept these two people as our best choice to be our head of state?  More to come………………………..

Jack Wilson


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01 mag

He is the Anti Christ, me thinks.

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That could be.................

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