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Jack Wilson
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From The Desk Of Jack Wilson


Like everyone else, I had been working and minding my own business. But it occurred to me that I always complained to my friends about the current world events and the resulting social environment. I had moved away from Facebook because the only conversation on it was hate. That is not going to accomplish anything. ​

One beautiful sunny day Dennis and I were sitting outside talking about the things everyone is talking about. Dennis is my friend whom I have know since college. He is quiet until you wind him up. Sometimes I want to set him down, point him at the surf and let him go. But he is smart, smarter than me, so I keep him close. I like to exchange ideas with him, although sometimes I become rhetorical.

My wife was sitting with us and had been listening. She said why don't you write about it and see what others think? Dennis looked at me and I looked at him, and at that moment we had the same thought. ​

You see, we kind of do this in our regular jobs, but not really. I actually make money in my real job and I think Dennis does too. But, money or not, we decided that we need to become involved

We want to bring information and our opinions to everyone, but we also want everyone to participate and bring their thoughts in. We don't care what side of the fence you're on, but if you have a disagreement, at least have the courtesy to give us your differing opinion. It would also be helpful if everyone used more than one or two syllable words. You can find all of that on Facebook.​

We also want to have some fun. Remember, we are not paid, so some of our humor will be tongue in cheek. One of the things we are going to point out is this planet is still going to be here, even after you and I are gone. We have reached the conclusion that nobody is going anywhere. For the foreseeable future and that means generations, we are all stuck on this rock spinning through the universe together.

For the record I am a great fan of science. I know it is imperative that we get off this planet but it's not going to happen this year and that means we need to act more like the animals that we think are so smart. They live in the now.

We will all be busy and until we get our topics in order, stay with us and get involved. Talk to your friends and not so friends and form your own opinions instead of listening to a spray painted face on TV telling you what to think and do.​ Thanks to my wife for all your help, also thanks to our staff. Now let’s go to the beach.​

Your friend and mine.

Jack Wilson

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