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Self Order Kiosks. Your new corner Bodega

No arms, no legs, no talking back, no benefits, no days off, no overtime, no late for work, no bathroom breaks, no supervision needed, no supervisors needed. Need I say more?

This is here now. It is on line in many stores and service facilities.

Aliens and space invaders. Where did they come from? They came from a generation of humans that believe technology should be used everywhere for everything. Tech for business has become a complete revenue stream in and of itself. Even if it makes no sense.

The premise of saving money and time and passing the savings in the form of profit on to consumers and investors sounds good. It even sounds like the discovery of a new business model that can be adapted for all business platforms. We all embraced it in the beginning. It was at first a novelty that we played with and we used it here a little and there a little. But it didn't interfere with our traditional way of commerce. Until it did.

Little by little in test markets, the companies would install their new tech tools to "Help" businesses performance and provide better service to their customers.

But. There is a lot lost in the missing interaction between the employee and the customer. Any ideas?

Mark Moore

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02 ago 2023

Yes, and it is not going away. Too bad.

Me gusta

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