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The Real "Manchurian Candidate"

If this guy is not the definition if Manchurian Candidate, I don’t know what is.

He has been loudly shouting for years about what a waste NATO is.

And now he and his sycophants are convincing his legion of sheeple that we are wasting money supporting Ukraine. Try telling that to the people of Europe who live next door to Putin.

It is like living in a neighborhood where one of the houses is full of gangbangers and meth heads, and the police decide to stop patrols in the neighborhood. What?

Trump is nothing more than a puppet mouthpiece for Russia, China and North Korea.

He is The Manchurian Candidate.

It’s time to start speaking loudly what a miserable man this guy is and do not let him and his thugs roll over what is left of this country. Are we becoming more autocratic?

Have you lost friends because they support this person? Well. No big loss.

Get in line and speak loudly to move this him off the world stage.

Jack Wilson

 Progressive Daily Blog of News, Business and Travel 

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