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Cannabis Chaos In New Mexico.

Yep, New Mexico has done it again. I don't like to be negative on everything the state officials do, but hey, I guess they just can't help themselves. They can't make a decent highway system or a mass transit system, when all it takes is going to a state as close as Texas to look at the highways. Has anybody heard of a Texas turnaround? Maybe not. Mass transit? You can go to Haysville Kansas and find a better mass transit system.

And, Oh yes, the cannabis laws. What a cobbled together mess. Instead of going to other states and watching the successes and failures of their cannabis legislation, our leaders at the roundhouse have chosen to go it alone and make up their own rules. They think that they can run their own little profit center out of the cannabis business. Never mind the fact they are putting the whole program and the livelihood of many families at risk.

Yes, many of the cannabis dispensaries in the state are backed by investors, but many are the result of families taking their savings and for some, their life savings and jumping on the marijuana dream train. I say good for them if the game is not rigged and the playing field is level. Many entered the business thinking it was like any retail business. Want to own a candy store? Great open a candy store and sell candy. Then you find out the rules are totally different. You also find you do not have the acumen for this business and the wagon full of rules they seem to reinvent everyday.

Apparently The Taxation and Revenue Department does not have one entrepreneur on their staff. Otherwise they would know that the pie demographically has only so many disposable dollars or discretionary dollars to spend in the cannabis market. The tax base is going to be what it is. And licensing for businesses to sell in that market should be controlled and regulated just as they are in liquor sales. This would have created a stable and profitable position for everyone.

But in their infinite wisdom the state has issued licenses for dispensaries based on how many square feet are available in a city block. They seem to think that more is better, just like banana splits. What they have succeed in doing is whacking the gross revenues for existing dispensaries and reducing their operating income, even though those businesses scaled and invested in their businesses for the sales they had been producing.

And all of this is also helping to create a black market for product as people try to fight for every dollar they can find to pay the state their loan shark fees. The state now has more dispensaries than they can manage and the industry is rife with corruption. Their ultimate goal is the take almost 40% of sales in taxes. This is New Mexico, not California. Give the poor slobs who are trying to be honest and make a living a chance at succeeding.

If you don't want businesses to sell cannabis, then you should not have passed it. But now you are acting like this is the 1930's and the state is in the protection rackets. Instead of beating the sense out honest hard working people who are trying to do it right, try shutting down the cheaters IMMEDIATLY! without recourse, and go after the real crooks and mugsters out on the streets threatening everyday law abiding citizens with guns.

The people of New Mexico are classic sheeple. They follow these so called leaders around without question and wonder "Gee what happened?" You are what happened, because you are too lazy or indifferent to grab the feet of some of these grifters and hold them to the fire. What frightens these legislative representatives is the vote. Tell them you're going to run 'em out of town with the vote and see how they suddenly become pliable and compliant. Every politician is bought by someone and if you don't believe that, Hmmmmm.

What is the answer? The answer is to turn off the TV and become active. Democracy is being disassemble one brick at a time so you will not notice. Think they are not being autocratic? How many of you voted for 35% or 40% taxes on cannabis? Hmmm? That's what I thought.

Now don't sleep to long. And by the way, I edited out all of my normal profanity until next time.

Jack Wilson



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