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What's Next For Donald Trump?

Where will the tides of change take him? What shore will he wash up on?

We are all waiting to see what is next for the President soon to be ex-President of the United States. And we are all wondering what will be the next made for TV antics we have to endure.

Donald Trump is a personality. He is not a businessman, he is not a politician, he is not a success. He has and will live by keeping himself in front of the public and promoting what is left of his brand. it is too late for him to reinvent himself, that train has left the station.

Half of the public doesn't want him, New York doesn't want him and Palm Beach is now having second thought about him moving in. Palm beach residents are old money and don't particularly care for Trump and his caravan sideshow.

It may be that the only people who really want him are various district attorneys and his creditors. There is all kinds of speculation on how many legal actions and law suits are ongoing against Trump at any given time. His old tactics were to sue his adversaries into submission, but now he may running low on cash and or credit.

His brand has suffered, but no one knows how badly. There is probably no question he suffers from a cash shortage. Like everyone, Trump has debt and he has to find ways to service that debt. He has only one product to sell and that is the name Trump. It remains to be seen who is going to buy it. His past history of bad business decisions and his uncanny ability to lose money make it improbable to find investors lining up to throw cash at ideas.

The only sure thing that will probably sell for Trump is in some visual form on the media he hated. That's because he can be sure that his audience is always going to be the base that he created and cultivated over four years. There is a market for him and there are advertisers that will pay him to bring that Donald Trump persona to television. Is it pathetic? Probably. But you will find four out ten people who cannot wait to watch him on his next program.

Unless Donald Trump self implodes, or the law or his creditors catch up with him, he will be ready for prime time. America and the world are going to have to wait and see what history is written about this man who has been an anathema to half of America and the world.

There is one absolute certainty. Donald Trump will not change. he has used the skills that were taught him, if that is what you call them, for his entire life. He was mentored by his father and older men of influence and he uses those lessons every day of his life. That's what makes Trump a lousy businessman, a horrible politician, and certainly he would be a terrible poker player. He is so predictable and has so many tells that he would last five minutes at one of his failed casinos. Perhaps that's why the house always did so bad.

So, it's predictable what Trump will do. And it's also predictable that eventually he will fail.

So the recommendation on Trump is. "Sell Short".

Jack Wilson


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