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Socialism. Is it good or bad?

Socialism, Communism, Imperialism, Capitalism. On and on the ism’s go.

That’s a lot of ism’s.

Since these words are back in popular lexicon again, thanks to all of the right-wing radio and television pundits, I thought, let’s ask everyone if they know what these words mean?

So, I started with our staff and then I went to the street. I wish I had videoed that.

It was made for TV.

Would you like to know what I found? The answer is no.

No one knows what those words mean.

Oh, everyone gave me an answer. They gave me the answers someone gave them. They gave me meanings that was the Pablum they have heard through life. The answers reflected what they heard on right-wing radio or TV or the answers reflected what they heard on so called main stream media. Now that is another topic and we will get to it later. Why is it called main stream?

Their answers had no basis in fact. In a court of law, their answers would be “Objection, Objection Your Honor, their answer is Hearsay.” “Objection sustained. Let’s move on.”

See what I mean.

All of these words have consequence and understanding them should not be taken lightly and if you don’t have the time to read about them and understand how they affect you in your life, shame on you.

People give their savings to people they don’t know and they have never met. They get their information from people they don’t know and they have never met. And they believe these groups of people know what is best for them.

For now I'm not going to talk about all of the other ism's.

But, socialism is different. We see it everyday. We live it everyday. It is so much a part of our lives that we don't think about it. But if one part of it is taken away, you would know it instantly. Without the socialism we have in our system, we could not function.

The easy one that comes to mind of course is Social Security. It is a large part of our economy. There are many others. The highway systems, the public utilities, telecommunications, police, fire department, military and defense, postal service, trash collection, public schools, prison system, government offices and officials, court system, IRS, FDA, Corporate subsidies, unemployment Insurance, city buses, WIC, Street lighting, Border Protection, and I'm tired.

The fact is there are at least another 60 or more examples that I could give you, but then you would stop reading. We are human and we are social. The glue that keeps us together is socialism. If we are not watching out for each other, who is? It goes back eons to the early tribes. They survived because they were united in surviving as a civilization.

Socialism the word has been disparaged by so many who like to have the people divided for their own selfish benefit. They would have us believe that government is not necessary and the private sector should be in control of everything and making a profit doing it. If you can imagine and believe that, I hope you don't need the fire department in an emergency and they want your visa card before they will come to your assistance.

Government has it's place to maintain equitable fairness and control. Socialism has it's benefits to the point that it has it's benefits. Let's be clear about one thing. Socialism is not Communism. No matter how many pundits tell you it is. It is not.

Americans have no problem watching trillions of dollars consumed in military spending or financial aid given to other countries for relief that too often is stolen at the top because of corruption. The money is never seen by the people who need it. Yet, they will not talk about healthcare for all Americans or the despicable condition of our infrastructure. These things cost money.

Well, of course they cost money. Everything does. Somebody, somewhere is going to pay something. The question is who and what. It seems to me some of the problem is, we have forgotten we don't know everything. We could learn from some other countries what they are doing right and do not do the wrong things. I remember someone telling me, the fastest way to success is do what a successful person is doing. That seems easy.

In our country we waste so much of our wealth. The most important asset's and resources we have in the United States are it's people. There should be no question that every citizen of this country should not be hungry or have to beg for health care. That is insane. it's insane that families would need to go hungry or broke trying to keep someone alive.

I am not an advocate of wealth redistribution. But I am an advocate of fairness and human dignity. The middle class deserves better. It's time to reeducate everyone. The rest of the world is on a bullet train and we are on a locomotive.

That is just, ridiculous.

Jack Wilson


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