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Your Backyard Bank.

Do you have thirty days of living expenses at your fingertips in cash? That is 30 days of cash for everything you have been used to buying with credit card, debit card or check. In cash, no bills larger than a twenty? No? You may want to after reading this.

I went to the market last month, the name of it doesn’t matter, because this can happen anywhere. I noticed that it was as busy as usual, in particular because it was a Saturday. I gathered the few items that I wanted. Not a lot because it wasn’t really a shopping trip. As I was getting in line, a short line, they made an announcement of the public address that because of systems being down, they were only able to accept cash. The few people in line in front of me shrugged their shoulders and left.

They were upset because they the store could only take cash and they didn’t have any. I had some cash and stayed in line. People were streaming out of the store. They had no cash.

I asked the cashier about the problem and he told me that the banking system was down for their stores and they could only accept cash. I paid for my purchase and went home thinking that was weird. How could that happen? Oh well. Good thing I had some cash with me. I didn’t think about it again until 3 weeks later.

I was at another store, not the same one, and it happened again. I had cash that day too. But this time I was unnerved. As I was driving home, I began thinking of all these crazy scenarios of what if’s. What if everything shut down. Not for a day but for a week. Or a month! What would people do?

I knew then that cash is King.

I began to talk to friends. They were as surprised as I was. But we were all in agreement that you can expect the unexpected. That was the day we all devised our own plan for “In the event of”.

Now you can name your own event, but they all have the same result. For whatever reason, you do not have access to your cash and you cannot get to it for an extended period of time.

Now for the simple solution. Bury it!

You can bury cash in the woods, in the mountains, or in your own backyard. One place you do not want to put your cash is in your house. Believe me, you cannot think of a place that is safe that professionals do not know about. Bury it!

Bury it in plastic wrap, and then a sealable plastic bag, and finally do not put it in a container. No plastic container or metal container. Containers can be found with electronic devices. Even plastic ones, because they have mass. Bury it in secrecy and seclusion and tell only one confidant.

How much should you bury? For most people a minimum of two to five thousand dollars.

Does that sound like a lot? It won’t be if you need it.

Dennis Farrell


 Progressive Daily Blog of News, Business and Travel 

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