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For the love of God!

What is Pat Robertson thinking? Or is it possible he's not.

I'm not going to waste too many words on Pat Robertson and his recent statements given to his followers on his 700 Club Television Program. But they make me wonder what he's thinking when he declares that the voters in America don't know what we are doing, but that we should give it up to God, because he has a better opinion on the needs of our country.

I know he is ninety and however many years old, but he said it and nobody stopped him. Ordinarily, I wouldn't care what he has to say, but the evangelical church has stepped up their game on trying to influence politics, and that is not acceptable.

When he backs far fetched and not legal ideas that are based on the idea of overturning a legal election in this country, someone needs to remove him back to the green room.

Let's not forget Pat Robertson has millions of followers who think he sits at the right hand of God. They listen to him and believe what he is saying, and what he is saying is that our democracy is junk! Pat Robertson needs to retire to his gardening and stop trying to fix something that is not broken. Why was he such an ardent supporter of Trump?

That's a good question. But Pat Robertson is not the only determined and powerful supporter of Trump. Evangelicals and the religious right have made it a cause celeb for the Christian movement as they gain more authority and power at the seat of government. Our government. Is anyone concerned? You should be.

These separations of church and state are for a reason. If anyone is interested in history, that was one of the founding principles of this country. If you want to worship your favorite bottle of wine and say God I need a drink, you can.

Churches and religion have evolved over the last 100 years. When Rex Humbard and Billy Graham found that with a tent and a truck, you could create a whole new revenue stream, things began to change. They and others like them took God on tour.

Now the mega churches with their sophisticated media sources are amassing huge sums of money to what purpose. Their purpose is becoming more political everyday. The laws that prevented churches from being political are disappearing as we speak.

I can understand that people have their faiths and beliefs and want to embrace them. But it seems that their local community churches would be the place to support those beliefs. Those local community services are where support dollars should be going.

Today there are so many local services and individuals hurting that it seems ungodly to give money to millionaires who are living in the lap of luxury. Don't you think so?​

Jack Wilson


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