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Destination Palm Springs!

When planning a trip to Palm Springs, California remember that in winter, the temperature is in the 70s and summer – there is air conditioning. No matter when you decide to go, there is always something interesting or relaxing to do.

When you are deciding about where to stay, consider a boutique hotel. One that I can recommend is called La Serena Villas It is an “adult 21 and over” property thus the name “Serena” meaning tranquil. It is in the North Palm Canyon Dr. area surrounded by the awesome San Jacinto Mountains. The location within walking distance to downtown Palm Canyon Drive has beautifully designed eclectic interiors.

Part of the charm of staying there are the gardens, palm trees and peaceful pool area where you can order food and drinks from your lounge chair. Inside your villa you will find a full kitchen, lux bathroom and tasteful linens. I especially like the large clawfoot tub in the bathroom – and if you are lucky you can stay in one of the villas that has an additional clawfoot tub out on the private patio where you can float in a tub full of bubbles and gaze up at the stars.

Once you get cleaned up and settled-in you will probably want to grab a bite to eat – there are so many choices including Sherman’s Deli where it is just like a New York deli. They serve cheese blintzes, potato latkas, smoked fish and the usual giant sandwiches, breakfast and desserts to live for.

After eating you might want to take a walk, so head over to Palm Canyon Drive to do some shopping. You can find places like the French Import shop at 184 N. Palm Canyon Drive. It looks like any old store front, but here is where you can buy a Pantone Colour Swatches Shirt and other unique European clothing. While I tried on the shirt, my husband found these swim shorts. Now we both have souvenirs to wear and remember this trip.

Try a visit to the beautiful Palm Springs Art Museum at 10 Museum Drive to take in some of the world-class works of art including Modern and Contemporary Art, paintings, glass art and temporary exhibitions throughout the year. It is a pleasure to stroll through the three floors of this space. The gift shop has a nice assortment of affordable pieces of jewelry, glassware, books and more.

In the evening, start at a bar somewhere near your hotel and have a drink. Then ask the bartender where he would recommend going for another drink. The last time my husband and I did this we were directed to try Truss & Twine an establishment that they self-describe as “sophisticated desert vibe”. They really know how to craft a cocktail. So, we asked our friendly mixologist if he could recommend a good restaurant for us. He said it was kind of late on a Friday night to get a reservation but there was a terrific restaurant next door called Workshop Kitchen where he knows the bartender and maybe he could get us in. He said he would be right back. We sipped our drinks and looked at each other in anticipation. Our bartender returned - it was difficult to read his expression. He says he can get us in at 7:00 but we would have to sit at the bar. “Do you want to take it?” Of course we do! We finished our drinks and he walked us through the back entrance of the restaurant full of lively patrons right up to the small bar where he introduced us to the bartender. It was a little cramped at the bar but the food was fresh, creative and delicious. I love a mini adventure.

Next time, I will tell you about the Mid-Century Modern Architecture that is part of the character of Palm Springs. Check out this website for a preview: /

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