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A Footnote In History.

It's time to put Donald J. Trump in his place. At the bottom of the page.

Donald J. Trump belongs at the bottom of the page. Insignificant and a distant memory.

A footnote that we can reflect on when we want to refer a bad example.

In the final remaining days in office, President Trump could not find in himself any way to be magnanimous or genuine. He had to revert to his old self. Selfish and uncaring for anyone that may be the beneficiary of his final actions. He brought with him a legacy of destruction. Examples are the many businesses that he hurt terribly or destroyed through his bankruptcies or endless litigation that most of the involved litigants not afford and in frustration, they would just give up.

Donald trump has to live with his acts. To be sure, history will be written about him in volumes. At first there will be writings by his his ardent followers that will heap adulation on him. But this is still the United States Of America and truth seems to always find it's way through the half truths and lies that others before him always thought would help them.

That is why we have a free press, no matter how he tried to trivialize their work as "Fake News". There were always tough and resolute reporters who stood their ground in the face of ridicule and disregard. We should thank them every day. They will not easily forget their treatment at his hand when they were only doing their job and protecting out interests.

Demagogues have no place in this country. For sure he is one. Unfortunately most Americans don't know the meaning of the word and can't point to someone that is. However, they are everywhere. But the fact that they are creeping into the very body of our government should alarm any decent American.

Donald Trumps shame is that he has given legitimacy to the actions that define a demagogue. To him and his supporters, it is now normal. The fact that the President has even allowed the discussion of an act of sedition to take place in the oval office and it has not evoked complete outrage by everyone is an example of what he has made normal.

His character and past actions tell us that he has no plans to, in the words of Douglas MacArthur, "Just Fade Away". On the contrary he loves the media coverage and it doesn't matter to him if it is bad or good. He is skilled at taking that coverage and massaging it to suit it his necessity.

The media should turn away from anything Trump and refuse to present it to the public. But, they can't and they know it. Fifty percent of the public want to see anything that has his name on it. And fifty percent of the public want to see anything that has his name on it and is bad for Trump. Advertisers know this and pay for the privilege of making sure you get that information. It's a business and even though it may compare to a car crash, people will watch it. So be prepared for the upcoming reality show featuring Donald J. Trump and family.

Jack L. Wilson


 Progressive Daily Blog of News, Business and Travel 

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