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Our Insurrection President.

What Donald Trump has started will not end with Joe Biden becoming President. What he has done for the last four years has been a calculated and purposeful undermining of the foundation of what holds a democracy together. That is the unified faith by the people in that institution and its meaning.

It is one thing for the opposing representatives of the people in that institution to have disagreements in policies and principles and debate those differences. That is their duty. It is not their duty to have selfish interests in placing their own ambitions ahead of their responsibility and their oath to the protection of that institution.

We have watched Donald Trump take instruction from the playbook of demagogues before him and sew doubt in the minds of half of America. How is that possible? It is easier than you think. In the years ahead others will begin to tell the story how we heard the same mantra again, and again. Fake, fake, rigged, rigged, socialists, socialists and many others, until some began to question themselves.

However, the real facts are that those people had their own agenda when they were defending the indefensible rhetoric of Donald Trump. It is one thing to have a two-party system to keep contained the ambitions of those who do not care about their responsibility to their constituents. It is another when they use that system to divide the nation for their own profit.

For example, when Trump began gathering up his followers with false statements and promises, he had to have a place to take them for further indoctrination. FOX News as a conservative broadcaster was a perfect place. They could listen to conservative radio while driving and watch conservative TV at home. Of all the television broadcasters, FOX News had reaped a windfall. They alone suddenly had 50% of the voting electorate. And that electorate was being whipped into a frenzy by a man they knew nothing about. But he was The President of The United States. You must go with that. Who would blame them?

All the other broadcasters had to divide the remaining 50% among themselves. It is easy to see the motive for FOX becoming the enabler for this man. Profit. Huge profits. On it went for years. The crazier the accusations and statements became from Trump, the more the talent at FOX enabled him. They had become the politburo for the President where policy was defined and refined for the new Republican Party of Trump.

When it became obvious that FOX was making enormous sums of money from the exclusivity, they had with the divided electorate is when other right wing news organizations came in. The wanted some of the action. Newsmax, OAN, and Blaze jumped on and began siphoning viewers. When asked what he thought of the wild statements the President was giving, the CEO of Newsmax said he loved it. Business has never been better. We now have half of America getting their information with one view and opinion. That is correct, this is not news this is opinions. Rather than going through all the available information available, half of America is listening to one man, one opinion, with no facts to back it up.

These are old tricks from political playbooks used for years. Lies become truths. Just like the game we used to play in school. Start something at the head of the class. By the time it reaches the end, it is unrecognizable.

Make no mistake, Donald Trump knew what he was doing. These are tactics he learned early on in his life. Lie and lie and lie until they finally believe you. He would relentlessly grind the opposition down with his own selfish interests at the center of a plan. That is the only plan Trump ever had. Ever. He had no plan for our country that did not benefit him in some way personally. He is and always will be a grifter. Trump was never a big achiever.

His achievements if any, were made from swindling and cheating others out of their hard-earned dollars by suing them until they finally cried uncle. We now must live with the result. He has created a cult of followers who are convinced that he and they are right and everyone is against them. Add to that the usual ingredients of thugs, troublemakers, and ne’er- do-wells and you have an unpredictable collection that is going to take years to unwind from destructive thinking.

It is important that Donald Trump not just fade away. He must be shown for what he is and what he did. He must be shamed into the history books and forever bear the stigma with his name as an insurgent, insurrectionist that attempted a failed coup d’ tat. In other countries that would be an act of treason. In our country, we are more forgiving.

Along with Donald Trump we must hold up for all to see the names of the leaders in government who supported this insurrectionist and allowed him to find his voice. They must not be forgotten. The seeds are still there in some and if allowed will grow again. The quasi-news organizations must be held more accountable. These organizations are nothing more than platforms for propaganda.

Donald Trump is not going to go away. However, ignominy is a beginning.

Jack Wilson


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