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No Time For "DINOS".

It is time to expose the “DINO’S”, “Democrats in Name Only”. One of the most well known and prominent is Senator Joe Manchin of West Virginia. Word is being spoken around capitol hill that he is vacillating on whether to support increased stimulus payments to Americans in need.

This is coming from a Senator who votes on what way the political wind is blowing. He is not a Democrat and in fact has a voting record that makes us wonder how he can walk the divide of Republican and Democratic causes without falling into the crevice.

West Virginia residents like their neighboring Kentucky residents need help desperately. Yet they support the policies that their elected leaders are promoting. Policies that benefit not the middle class of those states but the wealthy and privileged who have no interest in their immediate needs.

The Democratic Party had Senate majority until 2016. They failed to achieve their goals and, in the end, gave up that majority in 2016. Let that be a lesson and in this term move forward with an aggressive agenda and make substantial accomplishments. There is much to do. This country has been falling behind, because the middle class has been falling behind.

Real wages have been declining and depending on what institute you are listening to the real numbers are in a state of disorder. However, there is no denying that as wages have gone up in some sectors, real wages have about the same purchasing power as 40 years ago. Those wage gains flowed mostly to the higher paid job descriptions. In short, there is no equal growth and it has been going on for decades.

During the coming Congress, the Democratic majority must flush out the “DINOS” and expose them for who they are. We already know who the Republicans are and what they represent. This is not the time to negotiate and appease. It is time to get the programs and policies passed and move forward.

It is now or possibly never.

The Republican Party has been hijacked. Until those who more closely represent middle America can take control of that party and steer it back to the Republican principles of former times, the possibility that racism, anti-Semitism, and bigotry will rise to a level that it will become the new America really exists.

The Republican Party we have today is an existential threat to the Democracy and equality for what we have known the United States to stand for. We have had a brief glimpse at what an autocracy is. It can never be allowed to rise again. We must have a two-party system, but that system must be represented by politicians with true policies and agendas with their vision of the good for all of America. Politicians who know that negotiating is an answer that will find the common good for all. We do not need politicians who will use lies, inciting rhetoric, or their own personal ambitions to drive their agenda. Those are demagogues and they have chosen the wrong country.

This is no time for “DINOS”. It is all in or choose the other side to defend your principles for your constituents and let the results speak for you. The news media that has been called fake news has to get tough with both parties and demand answers for middle America and not allow their programs to be used for propaganda. This is a “Call to Action”.

Jack Wilson


 Progressive Daily Blog of News, Business and Travel 

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