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Impeachment? Absolutely!

Donald Trump must be impeached, again. There are several variables that are still in question. Should they do it next week? should they wait until the next Congress? Should they include more articles? What are the chances of a conviction? It does not matter. He must be impeached so that he will have that shame to live with the rest of his life. The Trump name and that includes his immediate family who willingly participated in the incitement on January 6, 1021, must be remembered for what it is.

All the legal questions will be answered at the proper time. There are going to be many. The fact that there were deaths during the insurrection makes it even more demanding that those who were responsible must pay for those decisions and actions. This cannot go away, ever.

Should Donald Trump face criminal charges? Absolutely. Donald Trump has never spoken one word of peace or unity during his whole Presidency. He has not spoken of the lives lost on that day. And while the flag on capitol hill was lowered to half-staff in memory of the capitol police officer who died, the White House did not lower theirs. Any time he has spoken, it has been about someone, against someone or something or how something is or always was wrong. He has been Captain Negatory his entire period of leadership. It became so constant that it became normal.

He took this message to his followers on a regular basis. His base found in him someone that would give them someone or something to blame for any of their problems. He took it to such an extreme that it has now exposed his base for what they actually believe in and what they believe he represents. Donald Trump didn’t care who he gathered up as followers. To him they were just a number. He collected followers like he was the king of social media influencers. He would pander to one group with promises and to another group with another promise.

That is why his followers are a mish mash of malcontents, extremists, racists, and nationalists. Trump himself made no apologies for coming off as populist. There was little room left for the Republicans who had been around for decades and watched their party devolve into an organization that no longer had any real platforms, never mind the planks to build it. Trumpism had taken over and now it was just blame and hate.

There are some Republicans still around. But they have been in hiding since they allowed this megalomaniac Donald Trump to steal and redefine their party. Why they stood by and allowed it to happen I cannot guess. But I can remember from watching the debates where Trump insulted and embarrassed them and they did nothing. They were gutless then and they have been gutless for the past four years. They have been complicit in everything that has happened to disparage our democracy.

Donald Trump should be impeached again in the very least and then I say pile it on as many and as high as it will go. Trump should be run off into the wasteland where he can keep himself busy fending off all the parties who will want to pick his bones. He has been a disgrace to America and the last thing we need is to have him hanging around trying to be of significance.

Donald J. Trump is the most insignificant person on planet earth. Everyone needs to was their hands and minds of him.

Jack Wilson


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