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I Am Not A Republican, Maybe.

"No Go Joe Manchin".

He has been flying under the radar for years. Joe Manchin has been trying to be a Democrat Senator from West Virginia since 2010 and at the same time carry the water for the Republican Party. He has been caught and it’s time to fish or cut bait in West Virginia parlance.

Manchin either needs to find the courage to become a real Democrat or have go over to the Republican Party where he has been working the skirmish line for them for Trump. The events of the last 5 days have forced many legislators to reveal themselves and some of them are downright scary. Manchin is not frightening; he is just a weak man who cannot seem to make up his mind.

The popular Democratic decision to increase the stimulus checks to $2,000.00 for those folks making under $75,000.00 a year, has been met by “No Go Joe” with a resounding “NO”. He can use all the excuses he wants to, but they are all just republican talking points. The bottom line is he does not care about you or any other middle-class American. His only concern is his electability with what remains of his silly Trump constituents. If anybody in America needs the money, it is one of the poorest states in the country. The problem is that state is filled with Trump Republicans who still cannot understand the damage they are doing to themselves.

Donald Trump has not delivered on any promise he has made for West Virginia. I am still not using coal to heat my house today. I still use gas for my kitchen stove, we made the decision to not go back to coal. It makes the food smell. We still burn pinion in our fireplace, it smells better than coal. Joe Manchin is not just any politician; he is the consummate politician. And he has fooled the voters in West Virginia since the time he was Governor.

But sadly, he has fooled the Democratic Party. They think they have at least half a Democrat, but I say we need a whole Democrat. He should be asked to caucus with the Republicans at the least or at the most join the Republican Party. Either get in or get out Joe.

It is important for Democrats to have those who support their agenda on board. They do not need someone who wants to negotiate for the opposition. It is becoming clear where loyalties lie and it is not the time for appeasement. Convincing Trump voters this time around is not going to happen. They have gone to far over the cliff and it is going to take action not words to convince them the error of their ways.

Joe Manchin is not helping them. He is the same enabler with his constituents that he was with Trump. Why is West Virginia one the poorest states in America? People like Joe Manchin are one the answers. Some of his ridiculous reasoning for not wanting to send out more stimulus money is that he wants to give it to small business owners. He says that people just put the money in the bank.

He is just plain wrong. Small business owners are for the most part proprietorships or LLC’s and they will get the stimulus checks as individuals too. The others will not put the money in the bank. They will use it. Where he is getting that idea is from the Republican Party talking points and he is passing down to his constituents as fact. It is more lies.

Joe Biden needs help this year and he does not need Joe Manchin getting in his way. If Joe Manchin does not get on board 100% then the Democratic Party needs to kick him to curb and treat him persona non grata.

The Republicans that remain in the House and Senate still have a preponderance of Trump supporters and are not going to be any help on a Democratic agenda. People like Joe Manchin need to be counted as what they are. A Republican. Then there will not be any false expectations from him.

Dennis Farrell

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29. Apr.

Joe Manchin is for Joe.

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