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Fuhgit Aboud It!

Mitch McConnel has done it again. And he continues to get away with it.

Not only does he stand in the way of sending increased stimulus funds to middle class Americans who desperately need money for their very everyday existence, he finished off the denial with an insulting and ridiculous remark.

In McConnel’s words, we are “Rich Socialist’s”.

Again, they are dragging out the word Socialist with the absolute purpose of tagging anyone that has a view other than his Republican tag a long’s, are Socialists. That in of itself is crazy and he knows it, but he also knows if he throws that word around enough, it will stick.

He is counting on the fact that most people in his posse of followers will associate that word with Russia or China or communism or some other ‘ism. Of course, it is not true. Mitch McConnel is a seasoned veteran who knows the tactics of divide and conquer. His purpose is to keep the two-party system as far apart from any kind middle ground meeting as possible.

Donald Trump, with the help of Mitch McConnel and his followers have redefined the Republican Party and blamed the misfortunes of anyone who cannot keep up on the Democrats. So, for those who were depending on him to help them financially, well, they will just have to tough it up and work harder. After all, you do not want to be a Socialist and (word association), Communist.

You must excuse the fact that McConnell is himself a millionaire many times. Yet, he and his also very wealthy wife are still on all fours at the trough of government privilege telling all of us what we cannot have and do not need in the name of fiscal responsibility. Yet, they bury gifts in the form of tax opportunities to the wealthy and expect us not to see it.

When legislation is 6,000 pages long, how can anyone be convinced that any part of it has been read or even understood. Mitch McConnell is not legislator, he is and obstructor and divider with only one purpose in his mind. To obfuscate any kind of good deed that the Democratic Party may try to bring forward in the name of benefitting the middle class of America.

This denial of additional funds to middle America was nothing more than a greedy display that will come back to haunt Mitch McConnell. This may be the deed that will create a sweeping wave of demand that the Republican Party must change.

The Senate is supposed to be comprised of men and women who are well educated, sophisticated and successful and filled with pragmatism. They are supposed to protect our country from making crazy turns that take us over the abyss. What we have now are wealthy privileged selfish narcissistic individuals who are only interested in promoting their own self interests and those of the lobbyists who are providing the 3 Martini lunches.

Mitch McConnel has done the deed. Now he can live with the consequences. Because we are not going to let anyone forget what he has done.

Jack Wilson


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