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Conviction Is A Must

Sometime in the next two weeks one article of impeachment may be delivered by Speaker Nancy Pelosi to the Senate. With the busy schedule the Senate has including confirmation of the many appointments by the New President, impeachment of a now gone President may seem unimportant. It is not. Donald Trump is leaving the Presidency with a very large and fanatic following. They truly believe they were cheated out of their vote to elect. Those minds will not be changed easily.

Now we have Donald Trump who has proven by past deeds, he will not be set on a shelf and in the words of Douglas MacArthur, “Just Fade Away”. Donald Trump has been wounded and damaged. He is not going to forget it. Donald Trump will be more inclined to use slash and burn for his form of retribution. His brand is badly damaged, his financial position has many questions, his legal situation leaves questions because of the many jurisdictions involved. World opinion of Donald Trump is at its lowest. He seems to be in that position of, there is no place to go but up.

That can be a dangerous place when a person of power and authority is in it. He still has a legion of followers that some are now calling a cult. But the numbers are far to large to be a cult by any definition we may know. Whatever and whoever they are, they are fanatical in their support of this man. We can draw many parallels from history, but the simple fact is he has become a demagogue.

Trump must be convicted in the Senate and he must be convicted with the implicit help of the Republican Party and its members in the Senate. Nothing less will suffice. The Republican Party is so far right of center that Reagan would need overnight conveyance to get to it. They have abandoned those who were charter members of the party of Reagan.

Although Reagan and his policies had many detractors, the fact is he was not going to destroy democracy in one fell swoop. The Democratic Party felt he was doing it in bite size chunks. A large contingent on both sides wish they could go back to those heady days when the political arguments were discussions, on real party planks, platforms, and policies.

If the Senate does not convict Donald trump and reign him in like the out-of-control immature child he is, the resulting years of “Live with Donald Trump” and his band of mischief-makers will be on the Republicans. They will be seeing him every election cycle when they are trying to find their footing in the electorate. He will gleefully play with and destroy any viable candidates the Republican Party put out there for everyone to judge. They will never be able to vet anyone who may want to drag the party back to some point right of center.

The Congress will not be able to function because Trumpism will be holding Republican Congressmen and Senators hostage and fighting not negotiating will be the new order of business.

Donald Trump must be convicted and sent into obscurity with all the shame that we can pile on. The two- party system of democracy that we have always known must be returned to the people who depend on it for their everyday security and justice. Not the justice Donald trump thinks it is, that is Trumpism. We mean the justice that is defined by the three branches of government and the two-party election system we have. Just because Donald trump says something, does not make it true.

Bring back the party of Reagan. It may not be perfect but it is a place to start, because from here there is no place to go but up.

Jack L. Wilson


 Progressive Daily Blog of News, Business and Travel 

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