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Joe Biden Is Ready

Joe Biden is more ready to be President than any man since Roosevelt and perhaps Nixon. Biden has been preparing for this day from the day he took office as a Freshman Senator from Delaware after winning an upset election for the Senate in 1972. He didn't know it then, he had other things on his mind. We know now Joe Biden's history and what he has been through for the last almost 50 years.

It would be daunting for any man or woman to endure the daily barrage of tests of character that Joe Biden has seen. And the question is why? Why would anyone do what he has done? The answer is pretty simple. Because Joe Biden is a decent guy who really cares. He has cared enough to withstand years of attacks personal and professional and still from somewhere within him he wants to makes things better.

Is his idea of better different from others who have their vision of better? Of course. But that is what makes Joe Biden the man we are looking at today. He spent 36 years in the Senate and 8 years as Vice President. Forty Four Years in the highest levels of government service and still he comes back for more. Joe Biden has been around long enough to see the wild swings of political party idealisms. He has seen them all and he has been part of the negotiating process in all of it.

Negotiating is part of the political process. That's why they have courses in College called Political Science. They teach wanna be politicians that there is a skill to being a politician. We have learned that the hard way in 2020. That's why this country has no room for demagogues or dictators in our political system. We use civil discourse and negotiating to meander through our sometimes mile wide differences.

Joe Biden has spent his life honing those skills of give and take with opposing opinions. He knows his friends and his enemies. He knows who will support him and who will want him to fail miserably. But one thing he will not do is use childish names or grade school antics to try and embarrass his opposition into submission. Joe Biden knows how to negotiate. He also knows that nobody gets 100% of what they want all of the time. Sometimes, plans have to go on a shelf for another day. When negotiating positions improve.

Petulance and pettiness as a leader is not only not Presidential, it is just plain stupid.

Joe Biden is not stupid. He is a professional executive with a wealth of leadership experience. You don't have to be partisan to know when someone actually cares about others. You only need to look at their life's work. Joe Biden is like the fighter that has been down for the eight count three or four times and gets up to make a knockout. That is toughness not many politicians know about. It speaks to toughness and character.

Joe Biden has been preparing his whole life for this day and now he is called to duty. He is going to face a world that can't seem to get along with itself, and a country that has not been this divided since the 1950's and 1960's. But Joe Biden has seen it before.

The looming question is, will people set aside their selfish interests for just a day? Can they turn around and look at others and not judge them as anymore than another American who wants something a little better for tomorrow. Or will selfishness and old biases stop them from helping everyone to success. Nobody can say that Joe Biden is selfish. A selfish man would have already left Dodge.

Joe Biden is ready and this is his time. No matter what your political persuasion, we all have to wish him success. If he is not successful in finding some measure of compromise, it is going to be a very hard decade for all of us.

Jack L. Wilson


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